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"Amplifying Us" is a space to amplify women’s voices – particularly around food, food production, food security, and the challenges of leading in this complex world of Climate Change. By relating our stories as female leaders, we aim to inspire others the courage to act. Amplification is in intimate stories of how others have/are navigating their journeys.  I want women to find a place where they feel they belong, to gain clarity about who they want to be, and to demystify what feminine leadership is really about. It is up to us, women, to create a sisterhood of leaders and strong women around the world, willing to share our stories, our paths, and our dreams.

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    Melissa Clarke Reynolds is an entrepreneur, company director, futurist beekeeper, and all-round fabulous human. In this episode, we explore the power of the sisterhood. What happens when women are cooperating and not competing with one another? How does this build belonging, connection, and allow us to amplify our mission? Find out ...


  2. Introduction

    What is "Amplifying Us" with Lindy Nelson? Which topics will we be addressing? Who will be our guests? "Amplifying Us": It's you, it's me, and it's us. ...