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"Amplifying Us" is a space to amplify women’s voices – particularly around food, food production, food security, and the challenges of leading in this complex world of Climate Change. By relating our stories as female leaders, we aim to inspire others the courage to act. Amplification is in intimate stories of how others have/are navigating their journeys.  I want women to find a place where they feel they belong, to gain clarity about who they want to be, and to demystify what feminine leadership is really about. It is up to us, women, to create a sisterhood of leaders and strong women around the world, willing to share our stories, our paths, and our dreams.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Curiosity is my 'why' with Lynda McDonald

    There was a day when overwhelmed with too much on her plate and a big life impact, Lynda got some great advice “stop spinning so many plates, people don’t remember how many plates you spin, only the ones you drop”.  In this episode I explore growing leadership through understanding ...


  2. Unicorn Moments with Rachel Taulelei

    Leadership has always been in Rachel’s DNA. From a love of debating at college, international trade as a young professional, founding a start- up sustainable fishing business to now leading Kono. An innovator, a change maker, proudly amplifying and advocating for Māori business. In this podcast we unpick personality, how ...


  3. Finding her Influence with Joyce Campbell

    Joyce Campbell is a Scottish farmer in the remote highlands of Scotland, through the lens of her camera and her team of dogs she is influencing audiences throughout the world by sharing her farming life and story on social media. She is a champion for the natural environment, sheep production, ...


  4. Purpose meets Profit with Theresa Gattung

    From her first paycheck, Theresa Gattung has invested in other women. Today this continues through her entrepreneurial food company, her philanthropic endeavours; women and business are her two passions. Her life’s mission has been bridging the two worlds of feminism and business – where purpose meets profit. Theresa believes food ...


  5. Navigating through uncertainty with Lisa te Heuheu

    Building authenticity and resilience in her own voice and finding the courage to not be like everyone else has provided Lisa with a strong platform from which to lead. In this episode, we explore how her love of adventure has given her a compass to navigate through uncertainty and challenge ...