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"Amplifying Us" is a space to amplify women’s voices – particularly around food, food production, food security, and the challenges of leading in this complex world of Climate Change. By relating our stories as female leaders, we aim to inspire others the courage to act. Amplification is in intimate stories of how others have/are navigating their journeys.  I want women to find a place where they feel they belong, to gain clarity about who they want to be, and to demystify what feminine leadership is really about. It is up to us, women, to create a sisterhood of leaders and strong women around the world, willing to share our stories, our paths, and our dreams.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Life's opportunities & changing direction with Cheyenne Wilson

    We often think there is a right way to pursue a career in the agri sector, and that right way is by following a linear path.. I believe this is really flawed thinking, espeically for women. As we go through life we have both experiences that inspire & challenge us. Those ...


  2. A road less travelled with Helen Blom van Echtelt

    In a world where we are being asked to increasingly pivot and change how we produce food we can draw inspiration from a woman who has mastered this art. From arriving in New Zealand as a pack backer, to  milking cows, having their own farm, to muscles and tourism ...


  3. Turning the tables - Lindy's journey with Sara Heard

    In this episode the tables are turned and I am interviewed by my friend and colleague Sara Heard to share some of my story about my mission to serve women in food production around the world, how my early experiences helped shaped my thinking and what leadership means to me ...


  4. Clues to the future with Gaye Williams

    When we think about the future we imagine what could be. In this podcast I talk to a woman who has influenced the past and I think this past has lessons for us we don’t want to forget. Through her early life representing NZ in the Miss World and Universe ...


  5. Leadership for impact with Karen Williams

    What happens when preparedness for leadership meets opportunity to apply it? In this podcast we will meet Karen Williams who show us about courage, collaboration and building credibility. How a potential disaster meets a woman who was prepared to put her own self -interests aside, find her courage muscle and ...